Gamers and You Top 3 Games of 2018

Number 3 :  Spiderman – Playstation 4

Insomniac’s version of everyone’s favorite web slinger is the best Spiderman game to date and a great game in its own right. It hits all the right notes from the smooth game play that lets you swing through the streets of New York effortlessly to the amazing looking visuals. A great and original story wraps up this sweet package. Good going Insomniac!

Number 2 : God of War 4 – Playstation 4

Pushing the Playstation 4 to its limit, Sony’s best seller , God of War, made its debut with a complete re imagination of the Titular Kratos in his most challenging role yet, a doting father. This reinvention of God of War performs superbly, mixing great coop focused gameplay with excellent visuals. The desolate and somber world drags you in as you help  Kratos and his son battle for survival against desperate odds. One of the games that will define the Playstation 4’s legacy, God of War takes the number two spot.

Image result for Banner Saga 3
Number 1- Banner Saga 3- Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Switch

The conclusion to the Banner Saga trilogy does not do anything radically from its predecessors bar a few game play twists here and there. Regardless, giving game of the year to this labor of love from Stoic Studios ( a development team of just 3) is a small recognition of the series that has captured our hearts since the first game.  If you are on the lookout for a deep tactical strategy game with an engrossing story and deep characters, you cant go wrong with this series.

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